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Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers

Meet the makers of Broad Space! We are artists, chefs, filmmakers, musicians, crafters, designers, and much more!


Jeanette Li | Filmmaker

Jeanette is a filmmaker and also the manager of Broad Space collective! They enjoy spending time with their cat Marvin, drinking copious amounts of bubble tea, and plotting their next creative project. Jeanette works as a cinematographer.


Maria Veltman | Artist

Maria runs Studio Artemisteria and hosts several Artist’s Way groups throughout the year at Broad Space when she isn’t making her own art. The Artist’s Way is a powerful, life-changing spiritual program to provide Creative Recovery.


Maria mangus | Artist

Maria is a painter who works in watercolor and mixed media. She showcases in Oregon, California, and also Idaho. Maria joined the Broad Space studio collective last year after moving to Portland, Oregon from Idaho.

Soraya Majd | photographer

Soraya is a photographer and wood relief printmaker based in Portland, Oregon and the newest member of the Broad Space studio. “I am all about telling stories, and the ones that pull me in revolve around identity and memory.”


Suzanne lagrande | Artist

Suzanne is a painter, poet, and magic-spell maker. “I am on a mission to use words, sounds and images to deepen emotion, inspire courage, and awaken an appreciation for the beauty that is everywhere around us, and within all of us. “


erin street | Artist

Erin recently graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) with a degree in painting. They are a visual artist working in multiple mediums including watercolor and creating work around the topic of gender dysphoria.